Dr. Heather’s Site

The Raw Milk Controversy: Full DVD Version
A lively discussion (video) between Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC and Mark McAfee (head of the largest raw milk dairy in the US).

Weston Price Foundation
Our favorite source for nutritional advice, cookbooks and traditional nutritional philosophy.

Organic Pastures
The awesome raw milk dairy and source for raw organic milk information.

Local Food Freedom of Nevada County
Local citizens maintaining our right to choose and grow our own food without molestation from state and federal food police.

Fungi Perfecti
Paul Stamet’s source of information for mycelium. Mushroom growing kits and information.

South Yuba River Citizens League
South Yuba River conservation group.

Friends of Deer Creek
Information on Deer Creek’s downtown waterways.

Life-changing efficient cargo bikes from crazy Ross and his local company.